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Pizza Stats, Water Slide Wedgies and More

Old Navel.....and Fake Belly Buttons

Here is where we draw the line......fake belly button tattoos to elongate your legs? Yeah, you read that correctly.

It's Radio Morning Show Host Day, Frasier Phone Line and More

It's Radio Morning Show Host Day.....anyone care? Frasier is getting a reboot and we called the hotline to see what it was about. Plus, Shut Down Boogie and more.

Side by Side, Obserbation, A-HA Remake

Today we shared a slowed down version of A-Ha performing "Take on Me" and it is awesome. David makes an "obserbation" and more.

VooDEW Mystery Flavor, Chips, and "WHEEEEE"

Loyal listeners sent boxes of Grippo's chips for MM and David to taste. Plus, they tried the 2023 Mountain Dew mystery flavor VooDEW and guessed the flavor. There was also an INSANE side-by-side that came from a news clips and Meredith's flippant joke. CHECK IT OUT!

Friday Morning Dance Party, Baby! Epic Talk Backs and More

Happy Champagne Friday! We had a BLAST with this week's Friday Morning Dance Mix was a HUGE hit thanks to DJ Matt Dodge! Plus, great talkbacks from YOU. Enjoy the JoCo Game Show and more.

Play Hi-Low, Pringles Caviar and More

Today's JoCo Game show was straight out of the headlines and David turned it in to a game of Hi-Low. Also, Pringles and caviar??? Enjoy.

Cheesy Arcade Prizes from Childhood, Pumpkin Spice and Mon Night Football

There's a new Monday Night Football theme and we rate a record. Aviator Gin hates pumpkin spice. We reminisced with you about the cheesy arcade prizes we bought with tickets as kids. Finger traps anyone?

Monster Mash, Sing for Your Bling Recap and Band Director Tased

There was a band director who got tazed at a HS football game. We recapped SING for your BLING. Meredith shared a rabbit encounter in her front yard and a Good News, Baby.

The Comedy Barbarian and Friday Morning Dance Party

We kicked off the weekend right....with MUSIC and COMEDY! DJ Matt Dodge had an epic Friday Morning Dance Party mix and then we had a blast with the Comedy Barbarian, Mike McCarthy!