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Camila Cabello "Quismois", Thanksgiving Quiz and Talk Backs

Thanksgiving Myths...BUSTED

David shared a list of Thanksgiving Day myths and we were blown away by one of them for sure! Also, hear the epic cover version of "500 Miles" from last night's 'The Voice'.

Office Jargon, Artemis Launch, and JoCo Game Show

We had fun with a Reverse "Hot Mess" for the Joco Game Show and talking about the most annoying office jargon.

Do You Have a Sock Box for Lonely Single Socks?

Lonely single socks.....what do you do with them? Box? Re-wash? Toss them? Discuss.

Things that are Better Burnt and Christmas Classic You've Never Heard

A listener called in with a Christmas classic song neither of us had ever heard! Check this out from 1954. Also, we took calls about "things that are better burnt". Hope you have a great day. Take a minute and listen.

Veteran's Day Salute with Movies and Music

A HUGE "Thank You" to all veterans and active military today! We had a great time discussing the best military movies, shows and songs. Enjoy!

115 Year Old Woman, Hooters for 5th Bday, and More

Kid's parents catch major HEAT online for son celebrating 5th birthday at Hooters. Also, the oldest person in the United States is named Bessie, and she turned......115! Plus more fun with David and Meredith.

Reusing Towels Debate and a New "Too Early" Christmas Song

Do you reuse your towels or wash after one use? Fluffy or scratchy towels? Plus, Jimmy Fallon and Dolly Parton released a song that proves they are secret members of the "Crazy Christmas Club".

Powerball, Rock the Vote, and SNORING stories

Powerball numbers were postponed? David found out he snores and it is HILARIOUS. LIsten to this!! It's also election day so we reminisced about Rock the VOTE from the 90s.

Unpopular Opinion, Song Sentences and 9 O'Clock Nudes

Meredith has an "Unpopular Opinion" regarding the "fall back" time change. The JoCo Game Show prize is Andrea Bocelli tickets all this week and..... 9 O'Clock Nudes is back, for today!