Jones and Company

Jones and Company

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Scented Stamps, Weird Request Wed and More

Cruise Theme Fun and Sweet Good News

We are having fun with your suggestions for this year's cruise theme. Let us know what you think! Plus, a sweet good news story involving a firefighter and a dog.

Cricket Taste Test, David's Solo Weekend and More

Eating crickets??!?! Did David and Meredith try them? Also, cruise theme suggestions and David's solo weekend.

The very funny Mike Paramore joins us in studio.

The very funny Mike Paramore joins us in the studio, along with the staff of SCBB joins us with the results of our Pints for Play.

Senior Pranks from the Past and More Fun

2 high school seniors in Illinois pulled off a great senior prank. We asked for your stories from the past. Plus, more usual....with David and Meredith.

Yes or No....Cricket Taste Test?!

Meredith has trepidation about eating crickets. David wants to eat them this week. Meredith wants to wait or BAN it! What do you think? Plus, fun talking about Pints for Play and Mother's Day.

Comedian and Author, Jim McCue Made us Laugh on Champagne Friday!

Comedian and author, Jim McCue, stopped by while in town at McCurdy's Comedy Theatre. Laugh with us on this glorious Champagne Friday! Buy your tickets at

David's Rub and Scrub

"You can choose 2 of these for FREE, for life" somehow launched a sketchy business idea for David. Help us rename it. What a mess.

Weird Request Wed, Scammy Shammy, and More

There's a scam circulating around the area and we took calls on it. Plus, another Weird Request Wednesday and some Good News out of Tampa, FL.

Local Hero, JoCo Game Show and Tales from Texas

Meredith is back from Texas with some stories. David shared an amazing local good news story from Venice. Plus, fun with the winner of JoCo Game Show and his name....or profession.