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Jones and Company

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Fainting Stories and Doo Doo with an Apology

Wild Police Video, Mons Venus Hero and More!

Wild body cam footage of a Sarasota PD officer being hit by a car that was on the run. There was also a hero outside Mons Venus strip club that stopped a mass shooting. AI helping guys on Tinder and we have fun with "Reverse! Reverse!".

MeloDAYO the Week, More AI chat and Def Lep with Strings?

Rate a Record....Def Leppard teamed up with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for "Animal". More AI chat topics have popped up and "Melo DAYO the Week". Also, a funny Fight Club. What a Tuesday.

St. Patrick's Day Fun and the HILARIOUS Dale Jones in Studio!

Dale Jones (comedian and friend of the show) spent some time with us in-studio on St. Patrick's Day! We had a blast today getting ready for our Friday Night Dance Party tonight at Joyland!

"I'm Your Huckleberry" and Meredith's Bad Day

Today we found out there's a controversy regarding the famous Val Kilmer line in Tombstone....."I'm Your Huckleberry". Listen to this and weigh in! Also, Meredith's bad mood due to co-worker dishes caused a bunch of GREAT calls and TalkBacks from YOU.

Weird Lyrics that have always Puzzled You

A "Song Sentences" involving Bruce Springsteen lyrics set us off on a WEIRD LYRICS kick this morning. Check out the full conversation featuring the smartest listeners in the world....and weird lyrics that have stuck out to YOU. I only have one thing to say.... "I'm a vegetable". ENJOY!

"Angry Facebook Theatre" is Born!

A meme we posted blew up in to a fight in the comment section.....and thus, "Angry Facebook Theatre" was born! Also, Rick Astley Artificial Intelligence and can David get a perfect score in "Know it or Blow it"!

Ring-United, Good News and fun with Audio

Today's JoCo Game Show is "What's that Sound" and it is disturbing. Plus, Meredith shares a Good News about Jury Duty?! Also, $40K RING-United story out of Jacksonville, FL. Make it a great Monday!

We are So Loopy Today, Hear David Lose it LOL

After a late night at Busch Gardens Food & Wine Fest, David and Meredith are loopy and it goes off the rails. Have a FUN and happy Champagne Friday! You gotta hear this!

Trip to the Men's Room and Weird Things People Eat

David took Meredith to the Men's room to evaluate a smell. A local restaurant is closing and it sparked a slew of people chiming in on weird things we eat. ENJOY!