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Granddaughter Hides Toys in Grandpa's Luggage, He Documents their Vacation

Get the "Best Grandpa Award" ready because THIS........this is adorable!

Online content creator, Tanya Marie, posted a video of her father taking photos and video of little toys while on vacation and it has over 11 million views! (Here's the full story from

While packing for their vacation, a little girl put her Peppa Pig toys in his luggage without him knowing.

Tanya Marie, the man’s daughter, posted the video to TikTok, explaining, “My niece took her favorite toys and packed them into my dad’s luggage.”

So far he has taken video of the toys:

  • Having breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Taking a dip in the pool
  • Saying goodbye to the AirBnB and heading to the resort
  • Eating a quesadilla
  • Laying out on the beach

He has been making this story of all their adventures for her, and he’s gonna play it for her when he gets back.

After a little sunbathing, the Peppa Pig family accompanies grandpa to a little fine dining. “We’re going to have a fancy meal here,” he says to them as he films. “We better be on best behavior! Don’t drink too much!”

TikTok users are obsessed with this cuteness and want to see the FINAL VIDEO from his footage. Tanya Marie came back on her account and posted a promise to share the finished video once they complete it. SO GREAT! Enjoy the adorable video via her TikTok account below.

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