Tampa Bay Lightning Fans' Epic Snarky Signs vs Maple Leafs

The Tampa Bay Lightning are playing the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL Playoffs. In Game 6, fans were spotted with some of the BEST "snarky sport signs". You gotta see these! GO BOLTS!

Photo: Diane Guettshow

The 3 Signs Say:

1) "SOCIAL DISTANCING SINCE 1967" with a Stanley Cup Trophy and Maple Leafs logo as far apart as the sign allows!

2) "OFFICIAL MAPLE LEAF MOUTHGUARD" and it shows a baby pacifier with a Maple Leaf logo on it

3) and our personal favorite......... a photo of a blue bra, and the sign reads "NEW MAPLE LEAFS BRA!!! Tons of support, NO CUP!!"

Well played, fans. WELL. PLAYED. GO BOLTS!

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