WARNING: That New Profile Pic Trend Could Be Hackers, Site Linked to Russia

Hacker dark face using laptop

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You may have seen the latest trend on Facebook to create "artistic profile pics" using a website called NewProfilePic.com. This website takes your photo, some basic information and then produces a cool new profile pic for you. This pic is watermarked the with Newprofilepic.com in the lower right corner. (If you see this, you may want to message your friend!)

People dug in to this site a little bit and found the website is registered in Moscow, Russia which suggests this site could have other motives besides giving you a beautiful profile pic. It was registered in April and updated as recent as 11 hours ago.

Other apps, quizes and sites similar to this one have been behind Facebook and Instagram hacking which could jeapordize your account and private information.  

If you want to do a dive in to apps and sites that have access to your Facebook account, you can visit this link and control unwanted access. HERE IS THE LINK: https://www.facebook.com/help/100754513412802

Remember, there's a lot of bad people online, so be careful taking quizzes, signing up for FREE sites, and giving access to apps.


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