Sarasota Woman Endures Shark Bite and is Back in the Water the Next Day

Anna Maria Island

Photo: Getty Images

Photo permissions from Erika Lane (IG: @supluv)

Erika Lane had been skimming above the Gulf waters on her wing foil for about an hour and a half south of the Anna Maria City Pier on Dec. 22 when a shark jolted her with a sudden bite on her board, toppling her into the water.

Immediately, she felt the teeth piercing the flesh of her left thigh, just above the knee.

“As soon as I hit the water I was bitten,” Lane said, noting the punctures through her wetsuit.

A second later she saw what hit her – "like, this Sharknado – that’s what it looked like: jaws coming at my face.”

“It was this big of a face,” she continued, holding her hands roughly six inches apart.

“But I could see the teeth and little pointy nose.

“I had just had my board grabbed out from under me and just been bitten, and then I saw a shark's face going by me – I’m sure it was also terrified.”


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