Dad Shows Off 'Hilarious' Christmas Tree 3-Year-Old Son Decorated Himself

A dad has shared a hilarious photo of their Christmas tree after they allowed their 3-year-old son to decorate it himself.

The man posted the funny but adorable image to Reddit, and said: “We let our three year old son decorate a tree…”

The picture shows a half decorated Christmas  tree with all the ornaments piled on near the bottom, just in line with the height of the small child.

A Reddit user shared the picture of the Christmas Tree(Image: Reddit)

Other Reddit users were quick to offer the young boy their support, with one saying: “This is adorable, I would just leave it this way.”

The boy’s father who shared the image responded saying: “Yeah, couldn’t change it if I wanted to. He has been very clear about that.”

He also added: “Chance would be a fine thing, nobody is allowed to touch it. He considers it to be his masterpiece.”

Another Reddit user similarly was impressed by the youngsters sweet attempt, and said: “Please don't change this! Lol Christmas isn't about the picture perfect tree, it's about the stories & laughs with the family!”

“This made me giggle, the lad did a grand job with where he could reach lol,” added another.

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