Sarasota Runner, 78, Sets NYC Marathon Record with Her 42nd Straight Race

Photo: Courtesy: Herald Tribune

The New York City Marathon has taken place in NYC since 1971. In 1979, Connie-Lyke Brown, registered and ran her first NYC Marathon. Well, she is now 78 years young, and just completed her 42nd consecutive race! In the 50-year history of the event, no woman has a longer streak.

“The goal is to finish and still feel good at the end,” she said after completing the 26-mile, 385-yard course in six hours, 30 minutes. “I did fine for me. I run with my friends, and we run a slow pace.”

One of her running companions cramped up during the race. Lyke-Brown accompanied her to the medical tent. And when her friend couldn’t continue, Lyke-Brown found another “streaker,” a runner with his or her own mark for consecutive marathons, and the two finished together the last six miles.

“There were so many people there,” she said. “People in New York were so happy to finally be out and about, so they were screaming. There were points where you couldn’t even talk to the person next to you because it was so loud. The whole course, there were spectators everywhere.”

Her big goal is to compete in the 2023 NYC Marathon. It falls on Nov. 5, her 80th birthday. A new age and new running age division.

We are so proud of you, Connie! Keep on running!

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