University of Miami Football Fans Catch Falling Cat with American Flag

Never seen a flag on a play quite like this one!

Cat-astrophe nearly struck at the University of Miami and Appalachian State football game Saturday night when an apparently stray feline was spotted dangling by its claws from the upper bowl of Hard Rock Stadium.

The poor creature writhed and wriggled as it tried to get itself back to safety — prompting shrieks from the crowd.

Fans below the kitty readied themselves to make a daring save — stretching out an American flag that managed to break the animal’s fall when it finally lost its tenuous grip, videos posted to Twitter show. MUST SEE THE TIKTOK BELOW TOO. WOW! UNBELIEVABLE FOOTAGE!

“It hung there for a little while with its two front paws, then one paw, then I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, it’s coming soon,” said Craig Cromer, a University of Miami season-ticket holder who with wife Kimberly brings the flag to each home game.

“This is my first catch,” Cromer quipped to The Miami Herald.

A group of students in the section below were then able to grab the mouser as it fell to the ground, the Herald reported.

One clip showed the fans who managed to grab the puss hold it up for the enraptured, cheering crowd, “Lion King”-style.

It didn’t appear that the cat was injured.

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