Taste Test Recipe: Oreo Spam Burger

We have three words sure to make you gag: OREO. Spam. Burger.

This burger that was tested and released at McDonald's locations throughout China and has now gone viral online. Mrs. Jones found the recipe and recreated for David and Meredith to try on-air. Below is the recipe and youtube tutorial.

You can also watch the LIVE taste test on Facebook at 8:45am. (The post will be below after the taste test is done!)

Ingredients: You will need a can of Spam, Oreos (cookie only remove cream filling, mayo, and sesame seed buns


  • To keep it as similar to the McDonald's version, use a simple seeded bun.
  • Swipe a dollop of Mayo on the top bun
  • Griddle 2 thin slices of spam making sure to get a nice sear, place on bottom bun
  • Sprinkle a heaping spoonful of crushed Oreos (with filling removed) then top with top bun.
  • Perhaps you should microwave the whole thing for a few seconds to truly replicate the McDonald's version