Stray Dog Steals Unicorn Five Times and Gets Both the Toy and a Home



Sisu, the stray dog, stole a purple unicorn from a Dollar General in North Carolina.........and ended up with a home!

The business in Kenansville, North Carolina, called animal control on Sisu, a large male stray dog to help get him off the street. He had come to the store five times to steal the same stuffed unicorn.

However, instead of being left empty-handed, the Duplin County Animal Control officer who went to pick him up ended up buying the toy for Sisu instead.

The department posted pictures on social media Monday of him cuddling his coveted treasure at the county animal shelter, and his story quickly went viral.

Due to becoming a famous criminal, Sisu and his unicorn, were quickly adopted one day later, according to animal services.

Sisu not only got to keep his most favorite purple unicorn, but he was adopted one day later. Check out the photos from Duplin County Animal Services below.