'One Night Standle' Gives You Whiffs of Former Nights of Shame

A company named Flaming Crap has come up with many hilarious scents, however their newest, deserves an award. "One Night Standle" is here for anyone who misses those passionate nights, promising to smell just like a one-night-stand.

The candle has four different layers of scents, starting with pizza – a classic food choice for a night out.

The second scent is Passion Fruit Martini, followed by a ‘luscious latex aroma’ reminiscent of condoms.

To, erm, finish off, the fourth scent incorporated into the candle is that of a new car, to represent the Uber ride home at the end of the night.

The One Night Standle costs $20 and has a 30-hour burn time, giving you plenty of time to reminisce about those days and nights gone by.

Oliver Burr, Co-Founder of Flaming Crap said: ‘Many people’s dating lives have become disasters over the course of the last year.

‘The One Night Standle takes you on a sensual journey through dinner and drinks, with scents that will remind you of sex and that awkward Uber journey home!

‘We hope this can be both a fun reminder of dating disasters, and what is to come for those that have spent the last year on their own!’

Buy the candle from Flaming Crap here.