Florida Woman Uses Pork Chop as Weapon of Choice in Domestic Dispute

When it comes to FIGHT CLUB, there are two ways to get in....weird weapon, or weird reason.

File this latest edition of FIGHT CLUB under weird weapon.

A woman in Brooksville, Florida threw a frozen pork chop at her boyfriend during a domestic dispute. The pork chop hit the boyfriend above his eye and left a one-inch laceration on his eyebrow. Pasco County deputies say the incident involving 48-year-old Jennifer Brassard happened Friday night in their home around 9:45pm.

According to the arrest report, Brassard apparently left the scene after the argument. Deputies arrested her the next day for domestic battery.

This fight club leaves us with so many follow up questions.....

What were they arguing over? Did he cook the pork chop? Was the meat out of the freezer or did she have to walk over to the fridge, open the freezer and select the meat?

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