Doc Dressed as Storm Trooper Delivers Great News to Young Patient

In a hospital far, far, away......

Codi Pelton is a 13-year-old girl who has been on the heart transplant waiting list for over two and a half years. She has spent the last few weeks back in the hospital as her condition worsened. She made a deal with her doctor, Dr. Matthew Bock, that if he ever gets to tell her she finally gets a heart, he would do it in costume. So the day the lights dimmed, music played and a storm trooper walked in, SHE KNEW! Dr. Bock walked in the room with the Star Wars' theme playing, wearing a full storm trooper costume, while holding a sign that read, "YOU HAVE A HEART".

Codi is now back in school and her most recent biopsy shows zero rejection. She's even preparing for a track meet at school and her mom says she’s “on cloud nine” because she gets to enjoy simple pleasures like participating in P.E. once again.

Codi we are so happy for you, Dr. Bock......the kindness is strong with you....and that's your good news, baby!

Dr. Bock as storm trooper
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