Your Age on Mars?

Ever wonder how old you would be on another planet? Probably not - but this is a cool calculator which tells you your age on all the other planets! And remember, it would be very different, because each planet takes a much different amount of time to go around the Sun (one year) and their length of days is very different too!

For example - On Earth, I've been alive for 49 years - or - 17930+ days....on Mars, that translates to 17410+ days and only 26 years! And on Venus - I've been alive for just 74 days and 79 years!! (Because on Venus, its DAY is longer than its YEAR!) I know - very 'space geeky' but I love it!! Wanna try? CLICK HERE!

Planets of the solar system. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Photo: Getty Images

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