Pentagon Confirms UFO videos are REAL!

Ummm...this is a little freaky...some recent videos have surfaced with unexplained objects in the videos that some have been saying are definitely UFO's. And now...the Pentagon is apparently CONFIRMING this! Or...they are at least NOT denying the footage...saying that the videos are real and not disclosing any further details!

The Pentagon is confirming the authenticity of some recent UFO videos. Photos and videos of unidentified flying objects recently surfaced on some UFO websites, showing objects described as a metallic blimp, a sphere, a pyramid and an acorn. The website Mystery Wire said the images came from Defense Department briefings. On Friday, a department spokeswoman told CBS News the videos were taken by Navy personnel. She added, though, the department doesn't discuss those sightings for security reasons.

Check out some of these videos here: