WATCH: David Blaine recreate the movie Up!

David Blaine is amazing...especially his street magic. In fact, it freaks me out a little!! Did you ever wonder what it would be like to hang out with him? Do you think he could do a trick that would just make YOU disappear if you upset him? Of course, David also does all his crazy stunts remember when he froze himself in ice for like a week? Or held his breath for an hour? (It may not have been for that long). Well, for his latest stunt (and the first one in nearly ten years) David sort of recreated the scene from Pixar's movie Up!...and floated over the Arizona desert with helium balloons! (It was supposed to be over the NYC skyline but apparently he needed a pilot's license for that! Lol...who knew?)

And here is an old video of some of David's mind blowing street magic! (be careful here...the camera man is VERY shaky!)

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