Positive Coronavirus updates

So I've got to say, I've been dealing with some rough days emotionally, as I'm sure you are as well. It's tough being in the media and watching the media. Recently, every headline we read, news story we listen to and every press conference update we see, the news seems to get worse and worse and worse. I can deal with all the shut downs if I can see an end in sight, right? At this point, I think that's all we want...when will we get through this? At first we thought, maybe 2 weeks - then all will be okay. Then a month. Now maybe the end of May...or June...or late August...who knows! Plus...NO TOILET PAPER! That one still perplexes me. I mean...even during a lockdown, even during a 'Shelter in Place' order...the grocery store is STILL OPEN!!!! Well, never mind that one. I saw this article that helped me feel a little better about things...it's going to be a long road, but here are 10 POSITIVE UPDATES on the CoronaVirus - including:

China Celebrates Several Milestones of Recovery After Temporary Hospitals Close and Parks Reopen


Australian Researchers Testing Two Drugs as Potential ‘Cures’ for the Virus

Click on the link above to see the rest :)

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