One Blood asking for All Blood Donations if You Are Healthy

Blood bag on hospital stand with copy space

During this very strange, scary and ever changing time - we are seeing things that we've never seen in our lifetime! The important thing is not to panic. There is no need for that...because these measures aren't coming from panic or fear based decisions. They are coming from containment decisions and what it the most effective way to do that. The world of normal will return in due time. However, until then, if you've been asking 'what can I do to help?'...A great way is to give blood.

One Blood is asking, that if you are healthy, they need your help! It is a crucial time for blood donations, and it will likely be for sometime, so please give if you can. You can click on the one blood link to visit their website, then simply put in your zip code to find a donation center near you...and thank you!

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