110-Year-Old Tree is Now a Magical "Little Free Library"

The nonprofit group, Little Free Library, has over 75,000 free book exchange locations all over the world. However, the most magical of all the libraries is actually a 110-year-old tree.

Living in an age where we are only a few clicks away from anything we need, books have taken a hit! However, nothing can truly replace the magic of opening up an old book and turning the paper pages. The nonprofit group, Little Free Library, is on a mission to keep the love of books alive! There are over 75,000 neighborhood book exchanges all over the world, and of all of these, the most magical is in Idaho and belongs to Sharalee Armitage Howard and her family.

Sharalee is an artist, former bookbinder, and artist. She had a vision for a 110-year-old cottonwood tree in her yard. The tree was rotting and dropping branches, and instead of digging it up, she envisioned it as the perfect “Little Tree Library.” 

They carved out the inside of the stump and put a roof on top. Next they added warm interior and exterior lighting to give it a fairy tale look complete with a lovely glass door to protect the books inside. It’s even decorated with tiny books along the border. Anyone can come take a book to read or leave one at one of the prettiest tiny libraries ever.



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