Sarasota Woman Shows Kindness to Florence Evacuee

Hurricane Irma rocked Florida in the Fall of 2017 and resulted in a record number of evacuees. Thousands of Floridians headed north to Georgia and the Carolinas to find shelter. Over the weekend, Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas and some evacuees headed south to the sunshine state. One Suncoast resident still hasn't forgotten the kindness shown to them over a year ago.

Ashleigh Gilleland, of Myrtle Beach, fled to Sarasota for shelter. While on an errand, she returned to her car and found a kind note complete with $5 and a gift card on her windshield. 

The note read: 

"Saw your license plate is from South Carolina. Not sure if you evacuated from the storm, but just know Florida is praying for you and your state. When we had Irma, we evacuated to Alabama and received a similar letter on our car because of our Florida license plate, so I wanted to pass it on we understand how it feels to evacuate. God bless :) Love, Chelsey" 

Thank you for paying it forward and representing Sarasota in such a wonderful way. Chelsey you are awesome!

See the note below from Gilleland's Facebook post.



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