NICU Nurse Reunited with former preemie patient 28 Years Later

Vilma Wong has worked for 32 years in the NICU at Lucile Packard Children's hospital. Recently, a new doctor named Brandon Seminatore recently came on board. When Vilma first met Dr. Seminatore she instantly felt like she knew him. Turns out, Dr. Seminatore was a patient in that very NICU 28 years ago as a preemie. Vilma took care of him the entire time until he was able to go home. 

When Vilma heard the new doctor's full name she asked, "Is your father a police officer?". After a long pause, Seminatore replied, "Are you Vilma? My mother told me to look for Vilma."  

Even though Seminatore's mother thought Vilma would be retired by now, she told her son to find the nurse who took care of him all those years ago. Vilma even had a picture to prove it. 

“I’ve come full circle,” Brandon says, “and I’m taking care of babies with the nurse who took care of me.”

Wow.... thank you Vilma for all you have done for over 32 years in the NICU. What a story..... and that's your good news, baby! (Literally.)



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