Lookin' for a Pal......ACHI is your GAL!

Thank you for coming by to check out our Company Critter this week.....ACHI! Achi is a QUEEN and at 8 years young, she is the perfect hang out dog if you are a low key family.

Here's what our friends at the Humane Society of Sarasota County had to say about Achi:

Talk about a diva. Staff will open her kennel door and while most dogs would bolt, she looks at you like “You think I’m moving?.. HA”. She is on the heavier side so we are trying to help her lose weight but she is large and in charge. She’s been to our playgroups and this gal is only there to pick up men. She’s not interested in a ladies night out. Now for all her sass, she is just as sweet. She is lovely walking on a leash and happy to have human companionship. You’ll love meeting her!

Link to bio and photos here!

Here's more on sweet Achi: "Hi, I'm Achi! I'm a sweet senior girl searching for a family of my own. I've been between shelters for a couple of years now and I'm ready to finally settle down in a home, I just need someone to give me a chance. I love to go for walks and I have good leash manners, and if you just want to relax I'm happy to sit with you to watch the world go by."

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