UK Retirement Home Gets Cheeky with Stripped

A retirement home in the United Kingdom runs a program called “The Sparkle Initiative,” where they fulfill the wishes of their elderly residents. Usually, the requests are pretty wholesome, like an outing to the countryside. However, recently 89 year-old resident Joan Corp got cheeky with her request.

When staff asked Joan what she wanted, her response was simple: “a man.”

Staff thought Joan was just joking at first, but Joan kept the same answer over several months. She even elaborated requesting male exotic dancers. So, in the spirit of "The Sparkle Initiative", the staff checked in with the rest of the residence before looking in to hiring dancers. After overwhelming approval, "Hunks in Trunks" catering and entertainment was hired. 

When the "Hunks in Trunks" arrived for the dinner service, staff administration went over some ground rules and then opened the doors to their guests. The exotic dancers found tables full of excited and giggling ladies who were all dressed up and ready for dinner. 

Milton Lodge’s oldest resident is 99-year-old, Doll Jenkins. After it had all finished, Doll told the staff she wanted them back for her 100th birthday and her birthday wish will be granted. 



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