Neal Schon Suggests Journey Reunion Amid His Feud With Jonathan Cain

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Neal Schon is assuring Journey fans that his latest feud with Jonathan Cain will not spell the end of the band, though changes are possible.

Schon and Cain are embroiled in a lawsuit over an American Express credit account associated with the company that handles Journey's business dealings. Schon sued Cain earlier this month claiming he was being "improperly restricted" from accessing documents related to the account.

Cain and his lawyers countered that they intend to prove to a judge that Schon has had access to the account all along, but was in fact misusing it to fuel "excessive spending" and an "extravagant lifestyle." They say Schon's lawsuit came after efforts were made to "limit his use of the card to legitimate band expenses."

Schon later followed up, reiterating that he just wants to see the records.

"Cain is lying as I do not have full access as he states. I'm not a 50% owners. I'm the founder, president and secretary / manager of Nomota LLC that we started in 1998 and have every right to see what's going on in there. ... Transparency is all I'm asking for."

As fans speculated about whether the lawsuit will ultimately break Journey, Schon assured his followers that it would not. "Journey means forever changing," he wrote in one reply.

Schon later suggested via Twitter that he would be eager to bring his old Santana bandmate and Journey cofounder, keyboardist/singer Gregg Rolie, back to Journey for its 2023 tour. Rolie performed a handful of shows with Schon in recent years, celebrating Journey's early years.

What such an addition would mean for Cain's more than 40-year tenure in the band was left unspoken.

Schon and Cain are due for a preliminary hearing on March 5.

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