Nov 10th: Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps!

November 10th is USMC Day! Today, we wish a very Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps! Back in 1775, The Continental Congress of the brand spankin’ new United States of America authorized the creation of the Continental Marines.

Later renamed the U.S. Marine Corps, this day is celebrated on November 10th of each year. While the first documented use of Marines dates back to the times of the Greeks and Romans, the U.S Marines have been the first branch of the armed forces to serve in every war since 1775, and have mounted over 300 assaults on foreign shores, from the arctic to the tropics.

While we ought to thank Marines and all members of the Armed Services every day, today is the day we can specially thank admire Marines past and present for their sacrifices!

Check out an exercise in awesomeness: the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon in 2013, in the video below.


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