Tampa Bay Bucs Super Bowls Rings BLINGED Out with Historic Surprise Inside

photo credit above: Bucs Twitter

The Tampa Bay Bucs received their Super Bowl LV Championship rings as they are nothing short of spectacular!!! Since they were the first team to play on their home field and WIN, Champa Bay made sure this historic moment is properly represented in the BLING. Here are some of the special details behind the design.

  • 319 diamonds on top, to signify the score, 31-9
  • 9 diamonds on the left side representing the opponents score in Super Bowl LV, one of the lowest in NFL history
  • 8 emerald cut diamonds on each side to represent the 8 straight wins leading up to the Super Bowl, longest in franchise history
  • 4 diamonds in the LV logo, one for each of the division opponents they beat to advance
  • Their win at home was historic, so they made history with the first removable top on a Super Bowl win which features Raymond James Stadium in gold, complete with a solitare diamond on the field AND of course, the pirate ship in the end zone stands! FIRE THE CANNONS!

Enjoy the video "tour" of the ring below and you must see the Twitter clips of the rings under the lights. WOW.

Congratulations, CHAMPA BAY!

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