Mystery Friend Lifts Cancer Patient's Spirits with Sticky-Note Window Art

All it took for one boy in the hospital to make some new friends was a pack of Post-it notes.

Meyer Mixdorf, 5, from Arkansas, was at Children's Mercy Kansas City hospital for brain cancer-related treatment when his mother decided he needed some cheering up. Confined to his room for a few days after a stem cell transplant in May, Meyer's mother, Liz Mixdorf, decided to entertain him by making Post-it art of a smiley face on the window.

"We were simply trying to entertain Meyer and keep his spirits up," said Liz Mixdorf.

The next morning, they found that a building across the street had responded with a smiley face of their own.

Each day, the sticky note art became more and more elaborate with staff from each building getting involved.

Meyer and his mom referred to the other person as their "mystery friend". Each morning he would hop out of bed to watch the new art unfold.

Eventually they did meet.........but the video below tells the story much better than I ever could.

And that's....your GOOD NEWS, BABY!

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