Boy Scout Makes Ear Guards to Make Surgical Masks More Comfortable

Quinn Roney and his "Ear Guards" credit: Heather Roney

Quinn Roney and his "Ear Guards" credit: Heather Roney

A Boy Scout used his 3D printer to make several "Ear Guards" for healthcare workers. So many healthcare workers that have to wear masks for 12-18 hours straight, have mentioned their ears get tender from the pressure of the elastic pulling on their ears. When Quinn Roney heard about this, he decided to do something about it. The ear guards stretch across the back of the head and secure the straps of surgical masks, so they don't pull on the ears and create tension. The strap also includes several rigged pieces across the length to allow healthcare workers to adjust it to fit perfectly. He donated a big batch to a local healthcare service and they were a huge hit! One nurse named Heather posted about it and it has been shared over 277,000 times.

"As someone who works in healthcare I can say that this is fantastic! When we wear them constantly all day everyday, they actually start to cut into the back of our ears," wrote one user.

Quinn has also made the file he's using public to inspire others to follow suit.

Quinn....we know this isn't going to be your last invention. Thank you for solving this problem and donating it! You are awesome and that's your good news, baby!

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