Husband of 67 Years Gives Quarantined Wife Sweet Anniversary Surprise

A Vernon, Connecticut, man celebrated his 67th wedding anniversary outside of his wife's nursing home in Stafford Springs on Saturday. The couple isn't allowed to visit each other because of COVID-19.

Due to coronavirus concerns, Bob couldn't go inside the nursing home and be with his wife Nancy, but he didn't let that stop him from celebrating.

Bob brought a sign to the nursing home that said "I've loved you 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary." He held it up to his wife's window so she could see it and celebrate their anniversary, too.

Nancy responded to her husband's sweet gesture by waving and blowing kisses from the window of her second floor room.

"It makes me feel bad because I want her down with me and I know she can't be," Bob said.

Bob and Nancy's daughter Laura said she has learned a lot from her parents and all that they've shared in their 67 years of marriage.

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