WATCH: Airplane Passenger Caught on Video Shaking Woman's Reclined Seat

This was heavily discussed on Jones & Company this morning. To recline or NOT to recline, that is the question! But first, let's just say what that man was doing was rude and very uncalled for. Afterwards, he admitted he was being an A--hole about the whole thing. For me personally? I never recline on a plane, UNLESS I know there is no one behind me. It makes ME uncomfortable to think I'm invading someone's space, since I personally hate MY space invaded. So, that said - I HATE it when the person in front of me reclines. YES, the seats barely move, but if you have your try open, it's basically in your lap when the seat reclines. It IS a person's right however, I do believe, to recline their seat. But there ARE polite, courteous ways to do it. Look behind you first, and you can very gently ease the seat back. It doesn't have to be a barreling, forceful slam backwards like most people do. What if my half a mini-cup of complimentary seltzer was on the tray! I'll have to wait another 15 minutes to get the second half of that can!! Moving forward, if YOU like moving BACKWARD with your airline seat, please just do it nicely! To read the full article on this story, just click here!

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