LeBRON JAMES: Give 200 Students Free College Tuition

University of Sydney Architecture, Australia

University of Sydney Architecture, Australia

People have very different opinions of LeBron James. Some say he's arrogant, others say he's selfish, he gets coaches fired, narcissistic. Maybe some are true. For a long time I didn't like him and it was only because I didn't like how he left for Miami and then boasted about how many championships they would win. That rubbed me the wrong way. But the truth is, I believe LeBron is a pretty darn good guy. Especially for what he has done for a bunch of students in Ohio:

The junior class of the baller's I Promise school network was taken on a visit to Kent State University in Ohio, but when the 193 students arrived on campus, school officials revealed that they would have all four years of their education paid for, as well as a free year of room and board.

The moment was caught in a YouTube video -- and as you'd expect, the kids freaked out.

With tuition for in-state students around $11,000 a year, TMZ estimates that the bill for all the students over four years comes to more than $8 million.

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