A missing woman joined a search party to search for herself!

Here is today's edition (2/12/20) of Did You Know, Or Do YOU Care?

-There is not a single bridge across the Amazon River (it is more than 4,300 miles long). The only bridge is the Rio Negro bridge, which opened in 2010. It connects the banks of the Rio Negro River, which is the tributary of the Amazon.

-In 2012, a missing woman was unexpectedly found during a vacation in Iceland when it turned out that she was on the search team searching for herself. According to the woman, she didn't recognize herself in the description and decided to help with the search.

-The apples that we buy in supermarkets are harvested between 5 and 12 months before they get to the supermarket. For the rest of the time, they are stored in special fridges with low levels of oxygen to prevent decay.

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