This Week's Weird News

Edward Snowden's attempt to find alien secrets, rats that were taught to drive cars , and a 'ghost baby' that turned out to be more funny than frightening were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk week.

Something of a modern mystery was solved this past week when Edward Snowden revealed that he did, in fact, attempt to find information on aliens back when he had access to highly-classified government files. The question of what the whistleblower may have uncovered regarding ETs had been the subject of considerable speculation in UFO circles since Snowden first burst onto the scene. Alas, it would appear that he did not stumble upon any alien secrets as the whistleblower said that there was apparently nothing there on the subject of ETs and, if such information exists in the government computer system, then it is incredibly well hidden.

With Halloween just around the corner, it should come as no surprise that the news cycle has become haunted by all manner of spirits and apparitions. Over in England, there was an unsettling WWII-era ventriloquist dummy that seemingly moved on its own. Meanwhile, a mother in Illinois thought that she spotted a ghost child on the baby monitor watching over her sleeping son, but later learned that the 'entity' was simply an uncovered label on the mattress. And a new poll asking about the paranormal beliefs of Americans found that a whopping 45% of the people surveyed said that they think both ghosts and demons are real.

The world of science provided a pair of stories this past week that were decidedly futuristic in nature. First, a biotech company unveiled an awesome 'invisibility cloak' which bends lights and renders anything it covers impossible to see. Later in the week, a team of researchers in Virginia showed how they had trained rats to drive cars in order to obtain a food reward. Amazingly, as the scientists made the rodents' goals increasingly difficult to reach, the clever creatures actually learned to adjust their driving so that they could get the snacks they sought.

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