Pantless Man Falls Through Ceiling at Waffle House And it's Caught on Video

Alabama police say they're still looking for a man who was caught on video falling through the ceiling of a Waffle House and then shoving customers as he ran out of the restaurant while pantless. 

Yeah - we realize there's a lot to unpack in that sentence, so we'll break it down for you. 

Tuscumbia police say Wesley Glenn Bost, 27, of Birmingham, was attempting to break into a Tuscumbia, Alabama Waffle House located on U.S. 72 on Sunday when he crawled into the space above the restaurant's ceiling over the dining room area. 

Bost was caught on surveillance video going into the Waffle House's bathroom and tying his jeans to the door in an attempt to keep it locked. He reportedly broke the bathroom's sink and toilet while he was trying to climb up into the ceiling. 

As Bost attempted to try and make his way through the restaurant, customers watched as part of the ceiling appeared to cave in, causing debris to rain down on a several tables. The pantless man then leaps up, and fights his way through several patrons and staff as he flees for the exit. 

Warning, the below Facebook video contains cursing. NSFW

Anyone who may know Bost’s whereabouts is being urged to call Tuscumbia Police at 256-383-3121, or Shoals Crime Stoppers at 256-386-8685.

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