Hotel Lets You See Everyone Who Stayed In A Room Before You

When most people stay in a hotel room, they prefer not to think about the people who were in the room before them and what they might have done in there. However, there are some curious folks out there who do want to know those things and for them, Kimpton Hotels has a very special room. It's at Los Angeles' Kimpton Everly Hotel and it lets guests connect with the people who stayed in the room before them. 

It's called Room 301 and it encourages occupants to write in a guest book, snap a photo of themselves or create a playlist for the next people who stay in the room. The hotel chain is calling it a "first-of-its kind social experiment."  

Kimpton told the LA Times that the concept "reflects Kimpton’s belief that heartfelt human connections make peoples’ lives better. Room 301 seeks to uncover the intersections and variances of the human experience." They plan to try it out for three months and after that trial period, they'll decide whether or not to expand it. 

The room, which is on the 12th floor, not only boasts a grand view of Hollywood, but guests staying there also get a welcome kit valued up to $200. For every person who books Room 301, Kimpton will also donate $10 to the guest's choice of either The Trevor Project charity or No Kid Hungry

If you book now, you save 15% off the best flexible rate, and you can do it by emailing 

Photo Credit: Getty

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