Model Spends Thousands To Turn Herself Into A Dragon

When some people aren't happy about the way they look, they turn to plastic surgery, and that's just what a 23-year-old model from Sydney, Australia did, except rather than going under the knife to get a nose job or a facelift, Amber Luke did it to turn herself into a dragon. 

The blonde beauty is now known as the "Blue Eyes White Dragon" because of how she has modified her body. She told the Daily Mail that she's spent over $10,000 on her tattoos, piercings and surgeries, explaining that she got her first tat at age 16. Since then, she's added over 50 designs and admits she might be addicted to getting ink. 

However, she isn't just getting tattoos on her skin, incredibly, she got some on her eyeballs to turn the white part blue. She explained, "It was very intense and very painful. My eyes got held open while a syringe was injected into my eye four times per eye. I was blind for three weeks."

Other modifications include having her tongue forked, after which she couldn't eat or speak for a week, and having silicone implants placed under the skin of her ears to give them elf points. 

Amber doesn't regret anything - she said when she looks at herself she is "absolutely in love with" her image. Her family supports her too - Luke called her mom her "biggest supporter," but did note how her mother cried when she learned Amber tattooed her eyeballs.  

Next up for the model - having her teeth filed into vampire-fangs. See more photos of her and follow her here

Photo Credit: Instagram/AmberLuke

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