Miracle in Missouri, Boy Survives a Skewer Through the Head

A miracle happened in Missouri and it involved a 10-year-old boy, bees and a barbecue skewer. Xavier Cunningham was playing in his tree house when a swarm of yellow jackets swarmed him. He panicked and fell face first on to a metal rotisserie barbecue skewer! The skewer went through Xavier's face and all the way to the back of his head!

When he arrived at the University of Kansas Hospital doctors and staff were amazed that he was alive let alone awake and talking. Dr. Ebersole called the angle of the skewer was "essentially one in a million" because it miraculously missed his eyes, brain and major blood vessels. It took a team of over 100 people to come up with a removal plan and it worked. They removed the metal rod without causing any additional damage and the miracle boy will return home next week. 

Photos and videos included in the full story here.



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