Kentucky Man Fakes Heart Attack To Get Ride To Hospital Cafeteria

Kenneth Ray Couch, 35

Kenneth Ray Couch, 35

A Kentucky man was arrested in the cafeteria of Baptist Health Corbin hospital after he faked a heart attack to get a ride there. Police said they received a call about a stolen gun and identified 35-year-old Kenneth Ray Couch as the suspect. 

Deputies said they were alerted that Couch had just been taken to the hospital after suffering a heart attack at a nearby business. It turns out Couch faked the heart attack and when the ambulance arrived at the hospital, he jumped out and casually walked to the cafeteria and grabbed something to eat.

While he was enjoying his food, officers from the Knox County Sheriff's Office arrived and took him into custody. He was charged with burglary and falsely reporting an incident. Officials said they discovered he had a bench warrant for his arrest in another Kentucky county for writing bad checks. 

Photo: Knox Detention Center