Daycare Tells Parents to Dress Baby More "Girly" and Their Response is Epic

When parents pick up their child from daycare, they often get a note about policies, sickness or even upcoming events. What Steve and Jessica Rold didn't expect was to get a note suggesting that they dress their daughter in more feminine clothing.  Staff is assuming that wearing bows, dresses or pink clothing will help the other children understand she is a girl. 

So what was the their response? They drew a picture of a bow on a Post-it note, stuck it on her head and dropped her off at daycare. The couple did make it clear they love the daycare and they do a great job, they just don't need advice on how to dress their daughter.  The couple posted the story and photo on Reddit and readers went nuts. 

We had to try this ourselves..... SO... Who wore it better? Comment on the Facebook post below!



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