12 Days of Gator: An Ode to Alligators in the News

When Christmas in July meets alligator mating season, you get "12 Days of Gator".

Alligators made headlines so often on Florida's suncoast, that they inspired a parody song. 107.9 WSRZ's morning show, Jones & Company, put together "12 Days of Gator" which highlights the crazy stories straight out of the news.  LISTEN TO THE SONG BELOW ON OUR PODCAST! Also included below are links to the REAL stories behind the song.


Here are links to some of the REAL headlines: 

Couple Finds 300 Pound Alligator in Their Pool

13 Foot Gator trapped in Sarasota, FL

Gator on Golfcourse Gets Escorted by Bird

Alligator inside a Wawa?!?

Alligator in Publix Parking Lot (FL)

Alligator in Walmart Parking Lot (TX)

Gator Wrestles with Bradenton Couple's Patio Furniture



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