Daily Dose of Cuteness: Kindergarten Class Ritual

To counteract all the negativity in schools and in our world, a kindergarten teacher starts each day with a ritual....and it is adorable. Ashley Coston Taylor has one student greet the rest of the class at the door with a smile and a handshake.....and sometimes a hug! 

The Texas teacher Taylor hopes this simple practice makes a powerful difference in her students' development. "The school shootings have been a real eye opener, maybe if some of those kids had felt like someone was on their side, things would have happened differently. I understand there are lots of factors that play into those situations. But what if, you know?"

*** When you watch the video, click it to make it FULL SCREEN 

Check out the viral video from Facebook below that shows the Keene Elementary School class greeting one another and starting the day with kindness! 


Here's the full article from CBS NEWS.


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