300 Pound Alligator Found in Sarasota Pool

A Sarasota couple went poolside to enjoy a cup of coffee only to find a 300 pound gator in their pool! The homeowners live off of Honore Avenue in the University Park area of Sarasota. They immediately called Florida Fish and Wildlife who were on the scene within 20 minutes. After removing the alligator, the FWC employee reported it was 9 feet in length, and estimated the gator was between 15-20 years old and weighed in at a whopping 300 pounds! The homeowners said there is a pond nearby but not close enough to ever think a 9' gator would take a dip in their pool.

I like my morning coffee with a bunch of cream and 2 Splendas but please hold the GATOR. Good to the last chomp.... am I right? #amirite #gator 




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