BABY CLASSIC: This 25 Yr Old Hit Lives on the Edge

What's a "Baby Classic" you ask? It's a mega-hit that has just recently been birthed into "classic hits" status (a.k.a. 25+ years old!)   

The week's BABY CLASSIC is:

Aerosmith, "Livin on the Edge" (1993)

This song reached #1 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart the week of April 10th 1993. This spring break hit didn't reach #1 on Hot 100 but it stayed at the top spot on the Mainstream Rock charts for a whopping 9 weeks. It was off the "Get a Grip" album which became Aerosmith's best-selling studio album worldwide with 20 million copies sold. Aerosmith also performed this song at the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards, the 36th Grammy Awards, and at Woodstock '94. "Livin' on the Edge" is also a mainstay in their concert lineup. The lyrics and music video tackled social issues.


Other things that happened 25 years ago this week (1993):

  • Movies: The Sandlot was released, $32M box office
  • Sports: In Major League Baseball, both the Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins were new expansion teams. On April 5th 1993, each team played their first game in franchise history. 
  • Pop Culture: Rodney King jury reached a verdict
  • Other News: Riot at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility began and went for 10 days.


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