What's Your Favorite Position?

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine did research on sleep positions. Turns out, there is a specific sleep position that is best for your health and it is..... SLEEPING ON YOUR BACK!

Do you agree? What's your sleep position? Leave a comment on our Facebook post below.

Meredith Michaels:  "I'm pretty close to a #4 position. I call it the "Crime Scene", because it looks like the outline of every movie murder mystery crime scene".

David Jones: I'm a #5 only I start on the other side. I flip-flop all night anyway. I'm a "flip-flop".

Billy Jack: "I pass out like #2, only I turn my face to the side.... I want to breathe."


Some of our favorite comments are:

"You cannot trust anyone who sleeps like #1!"

"All of the above."

"I start out as a #5, but wake up as a #2 and a #4".


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