Binge Watchers Unite: What Are We Missing Out On?

We LOVE keeping up with the latest binge-worthy shows. Here are our current recommendations.... what do you recommend? I always like to have a show on-deck!

David Jones: "Black Mirror"

David Jones is in the market for a new show, but highly recommends Black Mirror. He's watched all 3 seasons and describes it as a "futuristic Twilight Zone".

Billy Jack: "Brooklyn 99"

Billy Jack is almost up-to-date on every episode of Brooklyn 99. He recommends it for a light, easy and funny show. He also recommends "Stranger Things" and Ozark. Must see!

Meredith Michaels: "The Royals"

Meredith Michaels is currently watching 'The Royals', and highly recommends it! But before you watch 'The Royals'..... you should watch Netflix's 'The Crown' and 'Flint Town'. She ran through both of those in a couple of weekends. SO GOOD.

So what are you watching that we should check out?!


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