BABY CLASSIC: #1 Billboard Hit From March 14, 1993

What's a "Baby Classic" you ask? It's a mega-hit that has just recently been birthed in to "classic hits" status (a.k.a. 25+ years old!) 

The week's BABY CLASSIC is:

Snow, "Informer" (1993)

This one-hit wonder by Canadian Reggae artist, Snow, was #1 on Billboard charts 25 years ago this week. "Informer" held the #1 spot for SEVEN weeks, (March 13 - May 1).....but it has provided jokes for decades. Brrrr. Grab a jacket for this stone-cold baby classic by Snow. (See Jim Carrey's spoof from In Living Color at the bottom!)


Other things that happened 25 years ago this week (1993):

  • TV: Entertainment Tonight's 3,000th show
  • News: March 13th Blizzard of '93 hits north-east USA
  • People's Choice Awards:
    • Favorite New TV Show Comedy - Martin
    • Favorite TV Show Comedy- Home Improvement
    • Favorite New TV Show Drama- Melrose Place
    • Best TV Male Actor- Tim Allen, Home Improvement
    • Favorite Motion Picture, Drama- A Few Good Men

See Jim Carrey's parody from In Living Color below ... "Imposter".



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