BASHelor: Bash 'The Bachelor' Season Finale Review


The final rose was handed out on ABC's "The Bachelor" last night, and after THREE HOURS of dragging out the drama... it still isn't over! ABC has another 2-HOUR LONG "After the Final Rose" episode tonight.I'm so annoyed... but YES, of course I'll be watching. And tweeting. And probably drinking.

In my humble opinion, this season was one of the most boring to date. I'm sure Arie is a nice dude overall, however the airing of last night's FINALE may have made him the most hated man in America. For every minute I spent bored to tears on Tuesday nights this season.... the finale may have just made up for it! However, in typical Bachelor/Bachelorette fashion, it was about an hour and a half too long. 

Long story short, Arie Luyendyk Jr., proposed to Becca and then changed his mind! It was a "Bachelor finale like you've never seen before"! (Okay Chris Harrison, after 22 seasons of these lies, I mean teasers, we're on to you.)

Save yourself 3 hours. Here are some highlights, 'WTH' moments and the best tweets from last night..........


  • Chris Harrison finally told us the was the "most dramatic ending in Bachelor history"! 
  • Peru was a gorgeous backdrop for the proposal scene. However, my attention was drawn to the roaming alpacas, llamas, and the rushing brown river in the background. (See tweets below!)

"WTH" Moments

  • After dumping Lauren, Arie escorted her to the limo. He then hugged her, kissed her and told her "I still love you" all while shoving her in the backseat to go HOME. WTH?!?
  • Arie blindsided his fiance (Becca) and broke off their engagement. As if that weren't painful enough, he also basically told her that "every moment I spend with you is a moment I'm missing out on with Lauren.
  • Becca asked Arie to leave no less than FIVE TIMES! Like a bad rash he just kept hanging around. 
  • To avoid him, Becca went in to a bathroom and shut the door. After a few dramatic laps outside, Arie knocked on the door and asked, "Are you okay?" Are you ok?!? That's what you say when someone is puking, not after you just broke off an engagement. His tone was ALL WRONG. Holy clueless. 

I'm really disappointed in ABC for showing the whole break up on national television. I'm even more disappointed in myself for watching and perpetuating this kind of exploitation.BUT..... I CAN'T NOT WATCH! 

I have to be honest and say I am strangely proud of Arie for following his heart! I called off an engagement just a few months away from our wedding date. Even though how he handled it was hurtful and harsh, at least he was honest. Too many people are miserable in their own lives and never fess up because it is just easier to stay where you are. However, if you're that conflicted about who to marry....don't get engaged at all. He should have just waited. 

I'll see you on both Meredith Michaels and Jones & Company's Instagram stories and my personal Twitter TONIGHT for "After the Final Rose"! 



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