Winter Games: More Weird News

"Passporting": Tinder + Olympians 

The popular dating app, Tinder, uses a geographical area that you select in your account settings. Tinder reports a 1850% increase in people setting their location to the Olympic Village with hopes to match with the most famous athletes in the world! It's called “Passporting". Tinder reports there’s also been a tremendous increase in overall usage in the Villages, in right swipes, and matches. 

Wing Bling: Buffalo Wild Wings Goes Gold For Olympics

I'm the first one to admit, I like to BLING everything out....but chicken wings?!? At Buffalo Wild Wings this month, you can get your favorite wings, covered in gold sprinkles! I like the effort, I like the support of Team USA, but tasteless gold sugar toppings on my wings? Who am I kidding.... sparkly chicken wings.... I'm trying them!

There's a park in South Korea called WHAAAAT?!

Korea's Haesindang Park, has earned the name "Penis Park”! Visitor numbers have swelled (sorry..... I couldn't help myself) with the 2018 Winter Olympics.  Why? The park is filled with benches, totem poles, benches and even wind chimes...all shaped like willies! Turns out the park is based on a legend about a virgin who died in a storm and is a monument to fertility. 

Okay, I have follow up questions.... How much are plane tickets to South Korea..... and did I just find the location for my engagement photo shoot?  - Meredith Michaels


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