Winter Games: Best and Weirdest Stories

American Snowboarder, Chloe Kim, Wins Halfpipe Gold

If you missed 17-year-old Chloe Kim in the women's halfpipe snowboarding final, then STOP what you are doing and watch it below! Kim put up a score of 93.75 in her first run which was good enough to clinch the gold.  However, instead of taking a victory lap, she took to the halfpipe again, and put up a nearly perfect score of 98.25! Why settle for good when you can be GREAT! You made us proud, Chloe Kim! USA! USA! 


In other news, The USA Hockey Team sets their alarms just like I do! I knew I was destined for greatness. Check it out!

 - Meredith Michaels 


Now this is what I call grip strength! This Swiss athlete sure found a fun way to take a PeyongChang escalator. 

I bet the pickle jar is no match for him!


"Netflix and chill"? 

How about "Netflix and be the youngest man to win gold at the Olympics in 90 years"?

Red Gerard, 17, earned the first gold medal for the United States of America with this unbelievable run in the men's snowboard slopestyle. He was also the youngest man to win gold in over 90 years at the Olympics! I saw a story online that Gerard overslept on the morning of his gold medal performance. He was up late Netflix-ing "Brooklyn Nine Nine" and missed his 6 o'clock alarm! (Now that's a kid I can relate to!) His teammate woke him up 20 minutes AFTER he was supposed to be up. Then, he couldn't find his puffy jacket so his teammate let him borrow one.  Red raced to the slopes and crushed his snowboard slopestyle run. Say whatever you worked! Congratulations, Red Gerard! You brought home the GOLD and put the "RED" in red, white and blue! See his gold medal run below. **UPDATE: Also below is his interview on 2/14/18 with Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! about his hectic morning. I love this guy and his family! #GETGERARDED



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