Woman With Size 32K Breasts Gets Death Threats For Crowdfunding Reduction

By the time she was 13, Jasmin Vlassi already had size DD breasts. They were so large that she would be embarrassed to run in gym class. Worse, since that time seven years ago, her chest has continued to grow and now, at age 20, she wears a size 32K bra. 

In fact, Jasmin now fears measuring her chest size because she's scared it's grown even more. She told the Daily Record,"I'm just holding off being measured, as it's not an enjoyable experience being told that I've gone up a size, it makes me feel like crying."

The Scotland native has wanted a breast reduction since her youth, but hasn't been able to afford one, so she did what many today do and turned to crowdfunding. 

Jasmin set up a Kickstarter to raise $1,500 to help pay for the deposit for the surgery - she has saved up a few thousand dollars more to cover the rest. 

The weight of her breasts causes her constant pain, so clearly it's a necessary operation, but trolls being trolls have decided to give their useless opinions to Jasmin. Sadly, she has received death threats just for setting up the campaign. 

Jasmin explained:

"One person said something about how I should get punched in the throat and another said I should have my pout cut off whilst under the knife, which really was not nice to see at all. I eventually had to just stop reading them because it was making me so scared in case someone actually wanted to hurt me. I was frightened.”

Thankfully, there have been far more supportive comments to drown out the negative ones. People from across the globe have been wishing Jasmin luck and telling her she is beautiful. They've also donated to Jasmin's cause - she's raised more than half of her goal. You can help her out here.  

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